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Car Auto Detailing in Doncaster

If you’re wondering where you can get a car valet in your area, look no further. When it comes to car auto detailing in Doncaster we are the best! At Crystal Car, we’re proud to be one of Doncaster’s leading car valeters, serving hundreds of motorists in and around the city. Whether you need a thorough exterior wash, a deep clean, or a more specialised service such as gloss enhancement, we can assist. We provide a range of car valeting services to meet the needs of your vehicle.

Car Wash

Every car can benefit from a wash every now and again. Not only can regular washing keep your vehicle looking its best, but it can also help to protect its surfaces from environmental contaminants.

We can clean your car’s outer surfaces, removing debris, dirt, and grime, using high-quality equipment and products and the best, most effective techniques to ensure exceptional results.

  •  Snow foam bath
  •  2-bucket contact wash
  •  Wheels and arches clean
  •  Tyres clean and dressed
  •  Windows in & out
  •  Vacuum carried out of the whole vehicle including carpets or mats
  •  Wipe dashboard centre console and door panels
  •  The boot area is cleaned and vacuumed

1 to 2 hours: from £55

Car Deep Clean

A car deep clean is a comprehensive service that can restore both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Unlike a regular wash, a deep clean targets even the stubbornest grime and imperfections, providing a thorough rejuvenation. Whether your car is looking for worse for wear after the harsh winter weather or has been through extensive use, a deep clean revitalises every nook and cranny, leaving it gleaming and free from stains and odours.

  •  Pre-wash
  •  Snow foam bath
  •  Intricate areas detail brushed
  •  Fuel cap cleaned with detailing brushes
  •  Water spot removal around badges
  •  2-bucket contact wash
  •  Wheels arches clean
  •  Alloy Wheels are deep cleaned including barrels
  •  Tyres deep cleaned and dressed
  •  Exhaust deep clean and polish
  •  The car dried with an ultra-thick plush drying towel & filtered warm air
  •  Door shuts cleaned
  •  Deep clean of the steering wheel including Alcantara
  •  Seats (Alcantara, leather, fabric) all steam cleaned & removing stains
  •  Interior dried using plush microfibre towels, detailing brushes & swabs
  •  Windows in & out
  •  Vacuum carried out of the whole vehicle including carpets or mats
  •  Carpets, and mats cleaned with compressed air and steam
  •  Wipe dashboard centre console and door panels
  •  Foot pedals cleaned
  •  Boot area cleaned, vacuumed, and steam cleaned including the spare wheel compartment
  •  Sealant applied for vehicle protection via lance
  •  Air freshener

5 to 6 hours: from £110

Car machine polishing 2 Stage correction detail

Exterior – Safe wash, chemical & mechanical decontamination followed by 3 stages. Heavy cutting, medium cutting and polishing to remove more defects and reveal an even glossier finish.
 This Package Includes: The Vehicle Is alcohol wiped to reveal the true condition of the paintwork which is then inspected under our special 6000K Led lighting.
Multiple test patches are carried out with various Rupes polishing machines to ensure we get the perfect combination to provide the best possible paintwork transformation. (80/95% heavy scratch & swirl removal)
Prices: from £500

Car Gloss Enhancement

Gloss enhancement is a specialised service designed to significantly improve the appearance of your vehicle’s paintwork. Going far beyond regular washing and detailing, gloss enhancement focuses on intensifying the shine of the exterior surfaces, enhancing its visual appeal considerably. This service includes paint correction, a process which involves the meticulous inspection and correction of paintwork imperfections like swirl marks and fine scratches. We use highly effective polishing techniques to level the surface and restore its smoothness.

  •  Wheels deep cleaned
  •  Wheels arches cleaned
  •  Tyres cleaned and dressed
  •  Pre-wash
  •  Snow foam bath
  •  Intricate areas detail brushed
  •  Two-bucket contact wash
  •  Tar removal
  •  Iron fallout and brake dust removal
  •  Clay bar
  •  Machine polishing pass to remove light hazing and add clarity and depth to the paint (NON CORRECTION)
  •  Door shuts cleaned
  •  Windows in & out

1 Day: from £250

Car Machine Polish Package

To further enhance the appearance of your vehicle, consider our machine polish package. Machine polishing can elevate your car’s shine, enhancing the look of the paintwork brilliantly. At Crystal Car, we use state-of-the-art polishing machinery and high-quality products to achieve spectacular results.

Our car machine polishing service can remove imperfections, enhancing the paint’s gloss and depth, and giving it a renewed sheen. Additionally, the protective layer applied during the process helps defend against environmental contaminants and UV rays, extending the life of the paint.

  • Wheels deep cleaned
  •  Wheels arches cleaned
  •  Tyres cleaned and dressed
  •  Pre-wash
  •  Snow foam bath
  •  Intricate areas detail brushed
  •  Two-bucket contact wash
  •  Tar removal
  •  Iron fallout and brake dust removal
  •  Clay bar
  •  Single-stage machine polishing to remove 70%-90% of swirls and light scratches and defects
  •  Door shuts cleaned
  •  Exterior dried using a plush microfibre towel
  •  Full interior steam cleaned – seats, dash, doors, etc.
  •  Windows in & out
  •  Vacuum carpets or mats
  •  Wipe dashboard centre console and door panels
  •  Wax or 3-year ceramic coating

1 – 2 days: from £375

Car Valet Maintenance

Regular valets are a key part of car maintenance, providing thorough cleaning and protection for both the interior and exterior. Valets can preserve your vehicle’s appearance and keep it in optimal condition over time. At Crystal Car, we can come out to you every two, four or six weeks to valet your car, keeping it spotless all year round. We’ll clean your vehicle to the highest possible standards using the best, most effective techniques.

*To be eligible for our maintenance package, you’ll need to book in for a minimum of a deep clean.

3 hours: from £60

Headlight Restoration

Designed for headlights that have gone yellow or cloudy They also reduce light output by as much as 95 percent. That is a huge difference in whether you can effectively see or be seen when driving at night and could cause an MOT fail. We can restore their condition to as-new within a few hours without the need for replacement and this is cheaper than headlight replacement.
Prices Start: from £70

Contact Us

If you’ve been searching for car auto detailing in Doncaster, look no further. To book our car valeter in Doncaster, get in touch today. Call us to discuss your requirements with one of our team. Alternatively, send us a message via our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Whether you need mobile valeting or you would prefer to bring your car to our garage, you can expect to receive a first-class service every time.

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Pete Grantham
Great service at a reasonable price. Dawid did a great job at getting the inside clean, especially years of dog hair! Would thoroughly recommend him
Michael Attard
Great job done on my car would definitely recommend
James Tilford
Would highly recommend this guy, does a fantastic job,worth every penny !
Ralf Hudson
Used Dawid for the first time today and was blown away with the end result! He has the ability to make a car look brand new with his outstanding attention to detail, unlike any other detailing service. Fantastic service and workmanship, thanks again Dawid!
Claire Noonan
We bought a Clio 182 Trophy recently and it needed a good detail inside and out. The paintwork was dull and the interior was dirty. I was absolutely blown away by the car after David had worked his magic. It was clean, shiny and smelt amazing! Thank you so much David, would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.
Julia Adams
My car looks amazing inside and out.Will definitely recommend.
Andrew Davis
Great job , professional polite and friendly.100% Recommended
Adrian Szabelkowski
Very pleased with the results, professional guy and very efficient.highly recommend:)
ben Morris
David completed a valet like no other, the car looked better than when it was brand new. I would recommend him and his skills to everyone 👍
Claire Curtis
Amazing service, great price, we’ve had both our cars cleaned recently and both cars look brand new. Arrives on time and nothing is too much trouble. Thank you
Matthew Davis
I have been using David for over 6 months now. He’s done a mixture of vehicles for my business and personally. He’s professional, very good at his job and good value for money. He loves a challenge, especially when asked to clean every van on the fleet on a Sunday! Nothing is too much trouble and the standard is second to none used with quality products.
Mariusz Skuza
Absolutely outstanding service. The team did fantastic job inside of my car. Looks like a new one ☝️ would recommend Crystal Car to anyone and I will definitely be back.
Tsz Lok Tam
Bought a 2nd hand car couple weeks ago. And there was an unpleasant smells. Tried to clear the smell myself. Spent the whole day but in vain. Found Crystal car and based on the reviews, got it full valet clean. Did not expect the bad odour to vanish but Dawid did a wonderful job…. Would recommend their services to all. Hard working. Thank you Dawid
lucy chojnacki
Very pleased with the results of my car.. friendly guy professional and efficient.Would highly recommend:)
Dawid was recommended by a friend, and still over delivered, fantastic result and great value will be using again 100%
annabel wood
I definitely recommend Crystal Car Auto Detailing. Dawid is incredibly good at what he does. His attention to detail is superb. My car has been transformed inside and out. Dawid is very hardworking and always delivers absolutely amazing results.
Katherine Sanders
Jill Wood
David did an amazing job on all three cars in our family, all the cars look like new and he didn't stop all day. They look brand new inside and out. We've already recommended him to other family members, if you are looking for a professional valet then Crystal Car are hands down the best we have tried.
Lee Thomson
Thanks Dawid, a fantastic service, the truck was completely transformed, a true professional in every sense 👏 Cheers Lee
John Mahon
Absolutely perfect valet. Inside and out. I had this done in order to sell my car. The first caller to view the car, bought it.I believe the professional job David did in getting my car in “showroom condition” made all the difference. Thank you David. I will recommend you to friends and family.
i was booked in today for the deep clean package. The gentleman arrived on time, was very polite and professional. As the package was describe a deep clean thats exactly what i got. my car is gleaming. both inside and out pure time, effort and dedication was given to ever inch of my car. 5* service from start to finish
Mohammed Al-Ashwal
Amazing service and top quality.
Simon Webster
Fantasic work by Dawid, fitting me in at short notice for a full valet, paint correction and ceramic treatment. Back to showroom shine after 15 hours of hard work! Great job - really appreciated!
Emma Montague
Amazing service, comes to you without hassle, so easy to book. Would and will 100% recommend
Debbrah Flower
David did the most amazing job on my car. 12 months of grot and grim from children and dogs has vanished! The car looks like it's just been driven out of the show room. 7 hours of dedicated work from David. I would highly recommended David and will be using his services again.
Martin Kent
Updated review:Dawid spent eleven hours applying apackage which is a one-stage paint correction plus applying a ceramic coating.Amazing results, getting rid of all surface scratches making my fourteen year old Aston Martin V12 Vantage like new again.If you love your car, this treatment is a must have.Previous Review:Having retired from the motor trade after forty years, I missed having my car cleaned by a professional. Crystal Car, put a card through my letterbox (liked the initiative) and I decided to give them a try.Dawid the owner spent six hours on what i thought was an already clean car, to bring the car back to a showroom condition.It’s true what they say, in life you get what you pay for and I would recommend you trust your car with Crystal as Dawid is a friendly, very reliable and conscientious individual.Give him a go and you and your car won’t be disappointed.
My car looks fantastic! Great service with exceptional attention to detail. Won't hesitate to use again.
Really good service! I went for the deep clean on my Audi and Dawid did an exceptional job. Definitely recommend!
Alex frost
So good at what he does and outstanding service. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting wanting a good car detailer
Phil Bissett
Fantastic service, really happy with the work carried out today. Dawid is the real deal - professional, incredible attention to detail, and goes over and above. You cannot rush perfection. I will be more than happy to recommended Crystal Car to all of my friends. Thanks again! and see you in 6 weeks
Jojo Brown
I recently had my car detailed at Crystal Car Auto Detailing and I couldn't be happier with the results. They are professional, courteous, and did an amazing job bringing my car back to life. They paid close attention to every detail, from the exterior to the interior, and my car looks brand new. I was impressed by their attention to detail and the care they took with my vehicle. The prices were reasonable, and the service was top-notch. I highly recommend Crystal Car Auto Detailing to anyone looking for quality auto detailing services. Thank you for the excellent service!"
Mike White
Great service,Dawid arrived on time he was professional and well mannered. Exceptional work and I am very Pleased.
Tomasz Nowak
Crystal Car: Where cars become VIPs. Professional staff, dazzling results. They work their magic inside and out. Unbeatable attention to detail. Give your ride the VIP treatment it deserves!
Bartosz Zakrzewski
Deep clean option worth the price. I have Ford Ranger workhorse looks like brand new now! Amazing Job!
Ian Snodin
Cant speak highly enough of the the service. Amazing job. Showroom standard when finished.
Lucas Skywalker (Lucas)
Great Experience using Crystal Car. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. All work was carried out the highest standard and the vehicle was looked after at all stages. Like brand new!. The price was also excellent. Communication as well. I would highly recommend them!also uploaded photos of another great work by Dawid. You will not find better person to take care of your car!
Vtec Knowledge
Forgot what a clean car looked liked. Looks like it’s just left the showroom after David had finished working his magic. Would use again and recommend to everyone 👍👍
Tomek Zyber
First class car cleaning grom this company. Verry hight standard and good price.Recommended. I will definitely use this guy again.Thanks David!!!
Amy Marsden
My car had a full valet as it had marks on the seat and headliner, all removed and the car was cleaner than coming from the showroom.Highly recommend, David was professional, polite and hard working, I would now not use anyone else.Very satisfied and highly recommend these services.
10/10 great guy and great work. Will be using again and again. Will recommend to anyone
Richard Glynn
Dawid is an absolute professional. Incredibly knowledgable with products and process, very very hard working. Did an incredible job of my RS6. It’s was filthy after a long period of not washing and no deep clean for at least 12 months. The finished job was amazing. Not seen my paint look like that since I had the car. The interior and particularly the leather just looked factory fresh. Go ahead and book, you won’t be disappointed! I’m now a regular!
Kieren Mears
Really happy with the work carried out today. After leaving my car neglected over the winter it was about time I got it clean again. After searching awhile I came across Crystal Car Auto Detailing and I was glad I did. They were on time, pleasant to speak to and very thorough with their work. Already got my next appointment booked in!
Erik Hudson
Fantastic service. Dawid is the real deal - professional, incredible attention to detail, and goes over and above. You cannot rush perfection, and Dawid ensures the same high standard every time. I have recommended Crystal Car to all of my friends and family.Thanks again!
Mark Hodgson
David has cleaned three of my cars and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. He definitely goes the extra mile and it shows. I wish I could recommend him to others, but he’s already done every car on our street!😀
Param Dhami
Top lad, Punctual on time very nicely spoken. Does what ever he says.Recently bought a car which needs a good clean. After he cleans inside seats interior, engine and body with steam wash it looks like a brand new. 100% will use him again in future!
Glen Wilson
I had a full clean inside & out my car on finishing was amazing just like new. I have zero problem with fully recommending this company to anyone. When needed I will book again.
Karolina Standing
Having recently used this company I was astounded at the level of attention to detail, down to the most hard to reach places. Professional and efficient. Would definitely recommend! 5*
Excellent service from start to finish! My car is so clean and smells lovely now. David was very thorough with the clean and let me check my car at the end to see if i'm satisfied with everything before he left. Will definitely recommend!
Michelle D
Brilliantly clean. Better than it was when I bought it. My car was very dirty; all the stains are gone! He certainly earned his money. Thank you. I've already had comments about how good it looks. Excellent service. Highly recommended.
Gemma Kirkman
What an amazing service.There were some deep stains and some very awkward spaces, this was no trouble for crystal car.Amazing would highly recommend
Google Rating
Based on 79 reviews
Google Rating
Based on 79 reviews